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Originally Posted by rul3z View Post
Yesterday I saw a video about the "The Spider" (Anderson Silva) vs "The Lamer" (Chael Sonnen) I really started to ask some questions:

1- Why did the UFC do nothing to all the BS that Chael Sonnen has done?
2- Why didn't the UFC say hey "Chael Sonnen" stop, you're talking about our Organizations CHAMPION?
3- Why didn't they call Anderson and apologize for all the BS that that big mouth "Chael Sonnen" said about his wife, country, and personality?
4- Why did the UFC cut off lots of fighter just for jokes, or quotes on Twitter. Why didn't they cut Sonnen for all this BS?

Please don't tell me that its business, or its to increase the hype and make big money. Silva if he just walks in a corridor, he will make you money! He is not just an ICON to the sport, he is a true Super Star. So money will come, with respect or with insulting (and thats how the UFC chose it to be)!

I'm sure Anderson, by now knows that he has his back against the wall, and that the WHOLE F****KING organization is behind this lamer "Chael Sonnen". Just as they were when they turned their organization to a supporter for their champion John Jones against Rashad. Only that JJ is a respectful man, not like Sonnen! Rashad felt bad at that time too. Now they are doing the same shit with their LEGEND!

Questions to whom ever reads and posts a response here:
1- How would you feel about a guy that keeps saying bad about your wife, your family, your country, and about you?

2- How would you feel when you see no interruption from the company you work for about these incidents?

3- Please don't be a racist (American, Brazilian, etc) when you answer, or when you cheer for a fighter or any other sports man. Sport is about wining in honor and respect to your opponents not what we are seeing right now from "Chael Sonnen".

MSG to the Spider:
Please, Please, Please end this Joker...
you give the answer to all your questions by creating this very thread: publicity

if people talk about it, it's publicity, and there's no such thing as "bad publicity"

so your very thread proves that they were right to let chael keep going, because of the thousands who'll buy the PPV hoping he gets smashed by Silva.


either you understand these concepts, either you let them control what you do.

and as they're based on people's ego, they work really fine with the internet.
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