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Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
So yeah... About cutting back on drinking..... So hungover right now.
Washing down the B-100 that stops me being hungover, or renders me less hungover if I overdo, with my second vodka after watching the metal documentary that's on VH1 classic from time to time.

As you all know, I'm still training BJJ and muay thai, running, and currently trying to get a flex plan payment specifically designated for a gym membership processed properly by my insurance company. Don't send Independent Health anything by snail mail; they will lose it and you'll have to resend it.

I heard my judo club is trying to recruit members. Apparently my sensei (who is a great guy and an accompished judoka with the patience of a saint) has agreed to stop ignoring newaza. I think this will help. I realize traditional Kodokan judo is upright, but if you expect to compete, it's somewhat different.

Why is Reservoir Dogs always on when I've just decided to go to bed?

EDIT: Are you guys still stressing about carbs? STOP IT RIGHT NOW! That's so 2004.

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