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The CSAC is a government run organization. Being that it is in California and that state not only has no money, but is in debt up to its ears, the CSAC is not getting the funding it requires to run.

The way it works is the CSAC gets state money to do day to day buisness, and charges fees for any event that covers the costs for regulating the event. While they are still getting their fees, they are not getting near the funding from the state they need.

Can the MMA/Boxing help? Certainly not by just handing over money. That would be a massive conflict of interests.

As bad as it sounds this could be very good for MMA. With the CSAC out of comission (herpderp) another comission could expand and cover basically all of the US. No more miscommunication, no more stuff like the Sonnen and Diaz incidents. I just hope it's not Keith Kizer on top of it.
If the CSAC folds, that does not leave room for another to expand. Each state only has jurisdiction over their own state. The only way for a commission to have jurisdiction in multiple states is for the Federal Gov. to start an athletic commission, and that is NOT going to happen.

States want the right to allow/disallow events, not for the fed to tell them what is going to happen in their state!

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