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What a fascinating story and a civics lesson for all of us.

here's a letter to director Dodd from his boss, the director of consumer affairs.

Dear Mr. Dodd
I am writing to you today to follow up on our meeting on May 23, 2012 and express my
concern with the Athletic Commission’s current fiscal condition. The recently revised
cash flow analysis (attached) indicates that the Athletic Commission Fund will become
insolvent as early as June of this fiscal year. As we discussed, this is not a matter of
sufficient appropriation authority but is instead a matter of sufficient cash in the fund that
would allow the Commission to continue operations.
Should the Commission’s fund become insolvent, all payments will cease, including
payments for imperative, day-to-day, operational expenses such as personal services,
rent, and enforcement efforts. Without the ability to pay for even basic services, the
Commission will have no choice but to cease operation immediately and cancel or
postpone indefinitely all Commission regulated events.
In the event the Commission does become insolvent, I feel compelled to direct you to
Section 32.00 (a) and (b) of the Governor’s 2011-12 Budget (Senate Bill 87 Chapter 33
Statutes of 2011) which states the following in pertinent part:
“(a) The officers of the various departments, boards, commissions, and
institutions, for whose benefit and support appropriations are made in
this act, are expressly forbidden to make any expenditures in excess of
these appropriations. Any indebtedness attempted to be created against
the state in violation of this section shall be null and void, and shall not
be allowed by the Controller nor paid out of any state appropriation.
(b) Any member of a department, board, commission, or institution who
shall vote for any expenditure, or create any indebtedness against the state in excess of the respective appropriations made by this act shall be
liable both personally and on his or her official bond for the amount of
the indebtedness, to be recovered in any court of competent jurisdiction
by the person or persons, firm, or corporation to which the indebtedness
is owing.
Commisioner Linda forster has already resigned to avoid personal liability I'll bet more follow her lead.

I can't wait to hjear what dana has to say about this

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