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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
What I'm wondering is what are these crazy expenses they have that can rack up close to a million dollars in debt after all the fees they receive from dozens of events a year.

Seriously, it's just salaries for a handful of bureaucrats & refs, and a few physicals & drug tests. How does that add up to millions? Especially after most of those would generally be wrapped up in licensing fees and passed on to the sports franchises.

Let me guess, useless wasteful expenses like travel, research, paperwork etc. that have nothing to do with the commission's real purpose. Most of these govt. agencies are so full of bloat it's ridiculous.
A lot of it is money being given to state employees so they can act as inspectors at events, and getting them to events.

Private sector workers who take the role of inspector earn something like $30 an hour. Nevada gives $75 (if I recall correctly) an event to inspectors, no matter how long the inspector works at the event.

But if a state employee does it, they get either the hourly pay of their primary job or the normal inspector rate, whichever is higher. And it's essentially as if it's overtime from their current job, so plus another fifty percent. And it starts the moment they leave the door, so sitting in traffic costs the state money, and traveling from Sacramento to LA costs them a lot of money. And they get travel expenses and meals paid for.

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