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Originally Posted by Spec0688 View Post
Chael is fake, if its taking you this long to figure out, more the funny on you.

He says stuff right out of the WWE, he takes pre-fight hype to the next level, and its probably gained the most fame just from pure talk alone than anyone else. Tito paved the way, and he's taking it to the next level. Giving Anderson his toughest fight also doesn't hurt either. You can hate Chael all you want, but what other man was that close to stopping Anderson since he joined the UFC? none.

Look at all the people who talk shit about GSP, and then slowly are forgotten about after he beats them soundly. Thats what Anderson needs to do, thats what he said he will do on radio.

Can't wait.
When did I just realize he was fake? Because I said "he is such a fake" you imply that I just got that feeling? Weird?

No other guy has been that close. No. But he he has done his whole career.

In that fight Anderson was the tougher man. Anderson wanted it more. Anderson did in 10 seconds...what Chael couldn't do for 4.5 rounds. That is win the damn fight. Chael isn't a lay and prayer....but he doesn't know how to finish fights. If he was so bad and Anderson is such a "punk" you would think he would have been able to finish him....or hell...even hurt him. But in the end he said "I quit uncle Anderson"....and that is the worst way to lose.
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