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Originally Posted by RWCNT View Post
I'm responding to people who are implying Sonnen's humour is for 12 year olds. Keep up.

this, it's a little hypocritical to say something judgmental then after that, talk about "different taste". while in the first place, you disrespect those with tastes different than yours.

I consider myself fairly educated, traveled around the world, I speak 4 languages, own my company, raise a 10yo etc... and I for one enjoy Chael stuff. I know it's kinda fake, but I also know that to make up stuff like that, one has to be fairly smart, most likely a good length above the average.

in the Joe Rogan podcast, people can see a more "true" Sonnen, but I take it that it was too long to listen to for non fans. But even his most virulent detractors would have to admit that the guy's pretty smart after listening to that podcast.

anyway, haters gonna hate. if you don't like Chael, too bad for you because you're gonna have it for at least a couple more years in the spotlights. So much time you won't enjoy while others will just have a good time.

I don't like to spend energy and time about stuff or people I don't appreciate, it's just a waste. I could post "hate" threads about some fighters that I don't like but it just seems stupid to me to give my opinion to people who don't care and most likely don't even agree.

So no, Chael's humor is not for 12yo (my son happens to be that age, actually), if people get it and others don't, it just means that. they don't get it, if they did, they'd probably also enjoy it, but they don't, so they can't. it doesn't mean that those who do are stupid, it just means that they have the chance to get something and enjoy something that most people don't.
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