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So you're going to talk down to people and say that if they don't like his humor it's because they "don't get it". Which is code for "too stupid". I find his humor idiotic and I get every word that comes out of his mouth.

But to each their own. Attacking each other over whether or not the man is funny or how mature it is is absolutely pointless. It's all subjective. Some people - like you - think he's hilarious. Some people - like me - think he's an idiot with diarrhea of the mouth. And here's the real shocker. Neither of us is wrong. He can be each of those things to different people.

Basically who cares who thinks he funny or doesn't think so?

Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
Those guys with "different tastes" you referring to are the ones insulting the fact that some people find this stuff funny. And then they go and bring up what is really amusing.

So maybe you should direct your post at the person who actually deserves it??
Did you read the post he was referring to or just react? The person, Lidellianenko, stated his opinion on the summary of Sonnen's book. His comment was one of the first in the thread and was directed at no one. It was his opinion on the subject matter. There is nothing wrong with that.

People acting like he attacked them because he thinks it sounds stupid are literally in the wrong. Just like he would be for attacking them for liking it - which he didn't.

To sum it up I did direct my comment to the correct person.

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