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I don't know about all the other points in this post. But I have to respond to people that are saying Silva will have 25 Minutes to Make his point and shut this guy up.
Um, let's rememeber, Silva beat him fair and square in a 25 Minute fight and what did that do to shut the Chael Monkey up? Nothing.
So if and when the Chael Chimp loses again, I am sure he will find another excuse and another reason to say he is the true champ and he will start talking all over again.

For example. If he loses, he will say "Now we are even, 1 and 1 and it's time for a rubber match". That's how unevolved that chimp is.

Silva will have 25 Minutes. Someone just needs to remind Chael that's it's a 25 minute fight and not a 23 minute fight. The last 2 minutes count just as much, if not more than the previous 23. But Chael probably loses count after 20, because he is out of little monkey fingers and little monkey toes.
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