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For my own reference of things to drill. Been watching Ryan Hall's Back Attacks quite a bit this entire trip and I want all these stuck in my muscle memory before I leave. Will have to work them hard.

Back Attack Drills

Day 1 - Taking Back
Chairsit 1,4:30
Harness Attack 1,8:30
Mount to Back Take 1,6:30
Spin Behind 1,12:30
Spiral Ride 1,16:00

Day 2 - Finishes
Kimura Grip Control 1,39:30
Kimura Grip Control to Armbar 2,38:15
RNC 2,1:00
RNC Grip Fighting 2,4:00
Bow and Arrow 2,12:00
Bow and Arrow Grip Fighting 2,16:00
Bow and Arrow Reposition 2,19:15
Ezekiel 2,30:00

Day 3 - Combos
Mount/Spin Behind->Chairsit->Back take->RNC
Mount/Spin Behind->Chairsit->Back take->Bow and Arrow
Mount/Spin Behind->Chairsit->Ezekiel->Back take
Mount/Spin Behind->Harness Attack->Back take->RNC
Mount/Spin Behind-> Harness Attack->Back take->Bow and Arrow
Mount/Spin Behind->Harness Attack->Ezekiel->Back take
North south->Kimura grip->Chairsit->Back take 2,1:00
North south->Kimura grip->Chairsit->Armbar 2,1:01
North south->Kimura grip->Ezekiel->Chairsit 2,1:02

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