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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
I did find it to be going a bit too far and im someone that has found just about everything Chael has said really funny so far. To talk about kids that are to poor to afford the kids white kids can and are forced to have fun playing outside in the mud is pretty low. Im sure those kida dont find anything wrong with the way their playing so that Chael looks down on them for it.... ehhh

Oh well im still on Team Chael.
Yea... it was a bit much. That's the only thing he's said where I honestly feel he's overstepped the banter boundaries. Even the wife steak ass slap thing is tame compared to this.

Still, he looks right miserable when he says it. I'm going to put it down to having a shit day. When I think about the stupid things ive said over the years, on my shit days? ... *facepalm* ... I'll cut Sonnen some slack. Not sure the Brazilians will. Honestly, if one of our sportsmen said something like that in the UK, it would not slide. I dont get why its any better or worse then shit other fighters have got into trouble for. So if anybody should take criticism, its Dana and his double standards.
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