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Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
Yea... it was a bit much. That's the only thing he's said where I honestly feel he's overstepped the banter boundaries. Even the wife steak ass slap thing is tame compared to this.

Still, he looks right miserable when he says it. I'm going to put it down to having a shit day. When I think about the stupid things ive said over the years, on my shit days? ... *facepalm* ... I'll cut Sonnen some slack. Not sure the Brazilians will. Honestly, if one of our sportsmen said something like that in the UK, it would not slide. I dont get why its any better or worse then shit other fighters have got into trouble for. So if anybody should take criticism, its Dana and his double standards.
yeah i get it. I mean we have probably all said some stupid things. Iv said things downright cruel in the heat of the moment and then the next day im beating myself over for it. Who is to say Chael wasnt in a similar situation.

But one of the reasons i really dont like what Chael said is because when i was young i grew up in germany in a pretty poor place living with my mom. My dad still lived in a different country and sent money to us when he could. But at the time growing up poor is all i knew and i really didnt think it was any different then how other people grew up. It was a poor place that had tons of foreigners living there who couldnt really afford a home and were living on what the country could provide. I grew up playing soccer, marbles on the dirt, making up different games with the kids, climbing trees grabbing cherries, and exploring since we had 3 different forests next to our buildings and only 1 road out of the area. It wasnt until i went to a kids birthday party that i really realized how the other kids were growing up. Huge 2 story homes with a bunch of games and pools. Still my mom provided me with everything i ever needed and asked for even if she didnt have the money the other parents did. Thats just kind of the situation you are stuck with when you leave a country in war without your husband and 2 kids and none of us spoke german at the time. So Chaels comment kind of hit home for me but even then im not that offended. But i think looking down on kids in the same situation i used to be in is pretty rotten.

Since then we moved to America when i was about 10 or 11 (2000) and our financial situation is well off and my mom and dad were able to come here together. Sadly my mom did pass away from cancer when i was 16 but what she done for us is something il never quit thanking her for. And none of those kids growing up playing outside should feel bad about that. Its some of the most fun iv ever had in my life was living there with alot of other young kids and as Chael puts it playing in the "Mud".

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