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wow stirred the Chael's little bees nest in here huh.

ftr I find his humor childish and amateurish. Most comedians realize that "i'm so awesome i... blah blah blah" is the kind of thing teens and preteen types do, just look at any of the dumb comment threads on youtube. It's generally not very funny and even when it is it's very stale unless done in a non-serious Anchorman type way. When It takes itself seriously, then it just reeks of WWE, untalented rappers, pre-pubescent boys and fresh douche.

You can be a grown up and like it, but you can be a grown and like pie in the face / banana peel gags too. However I do recognize the point that everyone has different tastes so whatever floats your boat, I suppose some of my or anyone's tastes could be looked down as well.

What irks me more than his stale sense of humor is his insulting and cheating an entire sport without remorse while trying to be some sort of clown about it. If he was on the stage I'd just wing a tomato or not buy the ticket to his show and leave him to his following. What I don't want to see is him shoving this unfunny garbage in my face while I watch a sport I love ruined by his cheating and WWE persona.
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