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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
Pretty much every real mma fan knows all of what he mentions, it's pretty obvious stuff by now.. Silva is a standup machine, Chael is a great wrestler with bad sub-defense etc.

Good read overall though, and informative for the casual fan.
I wouldn't say he has "bad" sub defense.

Many of his losses come from subs, sure, but look at the guys who did the subbing, they are some of the highest BJJ practitioners in the sport. Maia? Sobral? Filho? Horn? He did lay in Anderson's guard for 4 and a half rounds and had his way with him grappling up until the sub right at the end of the 5 round fight.

I wouldn't say he has great BJJ defense by any means, but "bad"? I wouldn't say that, either, he just happens to have a style that involves wrestling/controlling on the ground, and when he faces high ranked BJJ fighters, he obviously becomes very susceptible to getting subbed, as would anyone who isn't also a highly ranked BJJ fighter.
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