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Originally Posted by TheNinja View Post
I'll tell you right now. If Chael Sonnen was fighting Cain Velasquez and he was attacking the Hispanic culture like he is the Brazilian culture it would not fly. Just living in Arizona, and being married to a proud mexican woman lets me know this.
Hispanic culture? Hispania was the name of the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) under the Romans. Last I checked only about 6% of the Mexican population are Spanish most are Mestizo (including Cain) and many are mezzo Indian.

Mexican culture and Spanish culture, there is a wide gulf of difference trust me.

Chael never insulted Brazilian culture he made fun of Brazil the same way someone would make fun of someone from the South being poor or living in a trailer, funny how one is acceptable the other is “racist” or not PC. Have you ever been to Brazil? Much of Brazil IS poor and backwards. That doesn’t mean the people are bad or the culture doesn’t deserve respect, it does. Chael has said on multiple occasions that he likes Brazil; he complimented the people, the food and the women, sounds like he’s trolling you hard.

As for being “proud” you can’t be proud of something you didn’t create.
Being a “proud” Mexican, or Polish or Uzbekistani makes as much sense as being proud for being left handed or over 6’ tall.

Often times the term pride is mask for insecurity.
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