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Tech was sweeps from butterfly guard. From laying down with hooks in, lift and pull their elbows as your stretch your legs out to stretch them out and help pull you to a sit. Pick one side to underhook and grip their belt at the back. Opposite knee from the under hook goes flat to the mat for half butterfly, trap the same side arm, rock back and extend hooked leg for a sweep to mount or sit through for scarf hold.

Second option is from an overhook instead of belt grip, the overhook reaches through to opposite collar. Reach over with free hand to grip the should and pull them in to try for the collar choke. Alternatively trap their free arm, rock back and kick through for the same sweep.

Rolled with a legit smaller brown belt his collar chokes from guard were a constant threat, his deep half guard ****ed me up without fail. Think I got tapped once or twice. Next was Rommel, one of the instructors. It quickly became clear he wasn't looking to play guard so I got mine when I could. Futile sweep attempts or two, he gets a standing pass, spend almost the entire round grip fighting and bracing and surviving. Long round on the bottm, but I survived at least. Next was with a good sized purple belt that I saw ******* another purple belt, exhausted, I settled in for a long round. Once again knee wrestling felt futile so I pulled guard. Getting better at pulling guard on these guys and actually closing it, which is nice. With an extra bump setup I caught the pendulum sweep and hit mount. Flowed through mount/half guard/back/mount for the rest of the round. It's funny I didn't expect the Ryan Hall shit to start paying off right away but I used quite a bit of stuff. Threatened arm triangles, ezekiels and RNC but he fought them off valiantly. Fell off for an armbar in a scrambe to tap him at the end of the round. Felt nice. Rolled a small blue after that and just ****ed around being aggressive but light. Good class.
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