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Tech was back take from butterfly guard and a guillotine sweep from butterfly. ******* butterfly guard. I'm so bad at it. Of course we had to drill guard passes from butterfly guard and I did awful. I'll need to pick an open guard game to get the hang of to call myself a purple belt, just have to find the right one for me. Maybe that can be the focus after this back attack dvd.

Rolling started with a good size brown belt, bunch of back and forth nearly got collar choked out but postured some how passed his guard, he turns away, BAM ryan hall chair sit! He squeezes out before I lock the second hook, try to stay on his back while he turtles, fell off for an armbar. Woot, a higher belt tap two days in a row. Next up that same damn purple belt ****ed me up again from his guard, tapped me once or twice, was able to counter him a bit better today but still useless on offense.I think I rolled someone else, I forget.
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