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Originally Posted by pt447
Is Don Imus even the central problem of his own story?

of course not, but with all this hullabaloo over his firing it sure seems that way. I'm not one to side talk so i'm going to just say it--and especially since i've seen intelligent black folk say the same thing, i'm in no danger of sounding racist.

the current state of black culture/society is the way it is because of the self perpetuation of black people onto themselves. People like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are basically demagogues; instigators. they go around and promote the oppression of the black man by white America, but who are the ones shooting each other in undeniable numbers? who are the vast majority of deadbeat dads, and who are the ones who portray a negative and degrading attitude onto all women, but especially their own?

Black people. I'm not being racist here, just realistic. Sure racism from whites onto blacks still exists, but so does hate for jews, italians, and whomever else a minority group can think up some reason to hate. This whole "nappy headed hoes" thing with Imus stems from a broader acceptance by black people to accept that sort of speak from their own, but not from anyone else. it creates a sort of "attitude" about race and society that promotes segregation and stereotype. Everyone's pretty well versed in the whole, "how come they can say it but we can't" phenomenon, and that's just another symptom of, supposed, "black leaders" who do nothing but overdo cases of black thugs being shot by white cops, while never standing up for black cops who get shot by black thugs. there's a double standard that widens the gap black and white folks have never even come close to bridging. Unless black culture does something to exorcize itself of its own self hatred and self loathing, race in this country will remain at the forefront of what's wrong with our society!
Great post I agree 110%

My thoughts on this whole ordeal are:

1.) Who the **** is Imus? Meaning I could give 2 shits less if he is fired or not, and so could probably 98% of the population. He is a nobody, he has no ratings, which I think played a factor in their decision to fire him.

2.) Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are 2 of the biggest scumbag criminals on earth. Most civilized and educated black people hate these 2 guys and are aware of the damage they are insuing on the black community. The only reason these 2 aren't labeled as racist pigs are because they are liberals and we all know who controls the mass majority of the media...

3.) This situation just further proves you are right and that this double standard the black community perpetuates is totally retarded and more people are waking up to it everyday. I'm pretty sure most people agree with what you're saying, regardless of race. But the thing is we will never see this kind of thing discussed maturely on TV because the media is so strict about racist topics and gay rights. Tim Hardaway expresses his personal opinion on gays and look what they did to him. They crucified the poor guy for answering a question honestly. It's all a huge double standard.
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