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What are your thoughts on classical music

I am positive I will be in the vast minority here(if not alone) in this one however I listen to 2 types mostly. Classical and instramental jazz guitar.

First I appreciate the complexity in this music and enjoy listening too it. Second classical music also calms me and helps me focus and relax. When I listen to classical music before or while doing something complex I seem to preform better because for some reason I feel as I have a more even flow and rhythm. The rock and roll is good sometimes to get your Heart pumping but for the most part whatever I am doing I prefer to feel cool calm collective in control and focused and I get that from classical music.

It's strange and a little scary too given the people that listen to classical. My dad has a friend who lived with an ex special forces guy that retired and got into the mercenary type of work (let's say his name is Jim. He has said "I always knew someone was going to die soon when "Jim" was listening to classical music" supposedly it helped him stay calm and focused.

Anyone else listen to classical music and what ar your thoughts on it?

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