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DaFreshestG is right, you do need to learn how to defend against submissions so it is important to learn great submission defense. With that said, continue your Judo. Judo is so underrated yet it's a very effective art. The grip is very important in Judo (as you know I'm sure) and Judo/Jujitsu artists have one of the best grips I've seen.

As for striking, focus on something with good stand up. Maybe learn a little basic to intermediate boxing to get in the habit of establishing a jab/reach. I love arts like Kyokushin but the most effective in the MMA sport is something like boxing or kick boxing... Of course, if you can find an alternative in your own style that works, that would be great too.

Take Jon Bones Jones for example. He doesn't have that great of a standup-striking. He's just very unorthodox, tricky, and a clever fighter when it comes to stand up. And his general physique puts him at an advantage in a stand up. Use what you can to your advantage and learn more about how to overcome your weaknesses.
Don't dive into MMA right away. Have a little patience and keep training. I would train cardio; a very important factor. With a lot of the newer fighters coming to the octagon, people get skeptical about their cardio. Also, try to make sure your training is much harder than the fight matches. I heard Korean Zombie practiced against Benson Henderson to prepare for Dustin Poirier.

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