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Bat vs blade - the ultimate street fight question

Alright so it's 3am, I can't sleep and my mind starts working in ways it normally doesn't. At this point I just start to think about random scenarios and this one intruiged me the most, because I think it can go both ways. I'm sure it's an old discussion but I have never thought about it before. Here is the scenario:

You are set to fight another person to the death on a football field. You have never interacted with this person before, the only thing you know is that he/she is your gender, your age, your height, your weight, is as athletic as you and have all the same martial arts qualifications as you do. If you're a black belt in BJJ, he/she's a black belt in BJJ. In another words, if you two were to go fight in the octagon, the odds would be completely even, because no one of you have an edge on the other, it would be a true coinflip.

Here is the kicker though (as you might have expected by now). There are two weapons lying on the ground by your feet.

A standard Louisville slugger and a standard butterfly knife. Both have never been used before and are in mint condition. You are the lucky one and can pick the weapon you prefer for this deathmatch. The one you don't pick you have to throw over to your opponent and then it's game on.

What weapon do you choose? Why? How big of an advantage do you think you will get? What's your gameplan for the fight?

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