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Knife hands down for me.

If there was a copy of myself and we fought to the death, one with a knife and one with a bat the version of me with the bat would dead 9/10.

Its the predictability of the bat, its only dangerous under very certain conditions. If you have a bat and a guy comes straight at you, that bat has no power. You need to step and swing with the bat for it to become deadly, the knife needs almost nothing in order to a kill person. Knives are for killing. I've taken a bat away from a guy before and it really wasn't that hard. Something like a billy club or a police night stick would be much deadlier than a bat.

I do carry a gun, but against a knife you will still lose most of the time. The key is to control the knife or retreat while drawing your weapon. People simply do not understand the prowess or deadliness of knives.

Basically the 21 feet rule. Twenty-one feet is the minimum distance for an alert, prepared and armed (hand gun in holster) guy has a chance to shoot an attacker with a knife before the attacker will stab them. One and a half seconds is all it takes for that knife to be in you from 21 feet.

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