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Originally Posted by Voiceless View Post
인사와 환영 (I hope google translate didn't mess up. It's supposed to say: Hello and welcome!)

As you're from Korea, can you maybe tell us a little bit about MMA over there┐ How big it is/ is it already mainstream and does get much coverage in mainstream media┐ What's the general view on MMA - is it accepted as a legit sport or do a lot of people still consider it as barbaric┐ How popular are the Korean fighters┐ And are there many prospects┐
Haha don't worry about the error. Korean language is difficult and at least you took the time. "인사" is the word to describe the act of greeting. Thanks though.
In Korea, it's not really considered barbaric but it's not the highest priority for sports. Soccer and baseball are the top two probably. But MMA is a growing sport all over the world. SK gets most UFC programming for free; doesn't matter if it's PPV or not. That's why it would be a good idea for Dana White to just open up a UFC market there. With the rise of Chan Sung Jung, it's definitely getting more coverage in Korea. The MMA organization in Korea isn't like the one in Japan or US. It's just the pro fighters and random people in the street tries to fight them in a match. Which is fun but doesn't necessarily test the skills of people like Dong Hyung Kim. 4th dan black belt, there's not a lot you can learn from most strangers who he fights. That's why a lot of Korean fighters went to Deep and Sengoku, but never got fairly judged. I think they will continue breaking the barrier into the American MMA market but every single fighter says how extremely difficult it is to adjust to the timezone difference, jet lag, exhaustion from traveling, displacement, etc before a match that can affect them. Also, Korea doesn't have good nutritionists like US. They overwork their bodies like crazy, don't take time to rest effectively, and don't eat all the necessary nutrition to capitalize their physical growth. So there's a HUGE untapped market for MMA right now in Korea. We can expect much more. It will definitely be exciting to see what other fighters Korea produces or how the current star fighters from Korea grows. Doo Ho Choi is amazing if you ever seen him fight. And he's VERY young.
Thanks Rauno. Feels good to be here

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