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Originally Posted by Fieos View Post
After about five years off of any meaningful exercise (had kids with health problems) I've decided to get back into shape. I've ordered the Tapout XT workout and it should arrive this week. I know motivation is going to be a factor and I'm trying to find ways to stay motivated. I know one of the big challenges is that I've always suffered from delayed-onset soreness and I'm looking to find ways to mitigate that.

I'm 6'6" and 230(ish) lbs so these type of workouts are pretty intense for someone with my frame. I have a health assessment/body composition analysis scheduled for Thursday to see where I am so I can measure some improvements for further motivation.

What (if any) supplements do you recommend to encourage recovery times? I'm 32 with a desk job so this is going to shake things up quite a bit for me. I'd like to avoid as much delayed-onset soreness as possible so I stay optimistic and that will be a major contributor to me staying with the program. I'd like to keep supplements as cheap as possible btw, I've already put more money into this than I prefer; I've always been a fan that being healthy and fit doesn't need to be expensive.

I look forward to your input and feel free to kick my butt to keep me moving
Your post is over a month old and maybe you're fully in your training routine already, but if you still have motivational problems here is my advice:

After longer layoffs I suggest to start soft and I mean really soft. Do significantly less(!) then you could in intensity and length of training. Do only as much as you feel absolutely comfortable without any exhaustion. That way you will always have the positive feeling of "cool, I could have done much more". That positive feeling will motivate you to exercise the next day again. In the beginning it's more important to get a routine going than to achieve high performance. So train soft, but train every day. Within two or three weeks you can slowly raise the intensity, so you get into the "exhaution" zone in training, because after a few weeks, when you have your routine and your body and mind are getting used to the training, positive feedback sets in after exhaution and it will be easier to push yourself harder.
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