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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
So doing horrible things for lots of money makes it cool now?

hookers and hitmen must top the list of respectable professions nowadays.

The fact that sonnen is stooping to this length just for a few extra bucks makes it even worse, not better.
Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
The point is to compare the principle not the severity obviously.

The point is I don't understand where this principle comes from "Oh ordinarily this is wrong, but he's doing it for some money so it's ok". That's just dumb. That principle does not exist in any morality, yours or mine or any rational human being's, so it's a bit absurd when people on this forum keep saying it like it makes any sense whatsoever.

You can still do it by all means, but don't expect to use "he did it for the money" as a plea in any court of law for any crime petty or big. Like "Your honor I was only doing 120mph because my buddy here bet me $100 that I couldn't". I imagine the judge will have quite a laugh and probably fine you double.

I understand "Oh ordinarily this is wrong, but he's doing it to save a life/for an emergency/the greater good" or whatever as some sort of amelioration, but putting one selfish motive on top of another doesn't suddenly make it unselfish.
Sorry, but there's a huge difference whether you want to admit it or not. Shit it seems like you don't even understand it really, I mean do I really have to spell it out for you. There's a huge moral difference between making money by hurting someone's feelings and making money off of physically hurting someone.

Thing is, what he is doing isn't illegal, so comparing it to illegal activities is idiotic. Just stick to insulting him about his ACTUAL legal troubles in the past. At least that made a bit of sense, although it speaks volumes of your double standards.
Originally Posted by hellholming View Post
oh, so we can't blame murderers or rapists before we have been in their situation and said "no, I think I'll walk away"?

do you even read what you type?
I didn't realize I said it was ok to **** or murder people. Do you even read at all, or do you just copy and paste sentences in hopes that they will make sense?

I'm so tired of people comparing some insults to actual ******* crimes, for the love of god just stop.
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