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Originally Posted by joh2141 View Post
I heard the same. i'm not an expert on astrophysics but the acceleration puts on a burdening force on your body. Once you reach that speed you want to go at, it feels pretty smooth.

However, there's one thing we are all forgetting which is light speed traveling relativity. Assuming Einstein was correct in his original statement, even if we discover how to travel at the speed of light, it might take like thousands of years to get to the said planet we are trying to go to.

It's proven there are planets like Earth that possess lifeforms... but again, speed relativity. What we see in the telescopes could be something from a thousand years ago. So even if other planets out there harbored life at one point, who knows if it still exists? Earth COULD be the last one "alive."

I'd say it'll take us maybe one generation's lifetime (50-70 years) to discover how to travel into other galaxies. Remember how they promised personal jet packs by the 70s and flying De'Lorean's by 2000? Things always get delayed. LOLZ!!!
Did any of you read the article about how neutrinos appeared to travel faster than speed of light?
That is some pretty deep stuff. It's true when we peer into the images of the telescopes we're actually looking back at millions or billions of years ago. How trippy is that...

If you guys have a moment I invite you to check out one of the coolest videos. It puts you into a trance.

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