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Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
That is some pretty deep stuff. It's true when we peer into the images of the telescopes we're actually looking back at millions or billions of years ago. How trippy is that...

If you guys have a moment I invite you to check out one of the coolest videos. It puts you into a trance.

I love watching those star-gazing videos like you posted. Every little speck of light is essentially a star just like our sun and while most of them do not have planets like Earth, there are "recorded" thousands of planets just like Earth. In fact, they said Earth was the smallest of the many they found and that Earth was the most abundant in terms of liquid water whereas other planets might hold more of liquid gas or something like that. I forget the exact article I read this and there's probably no way I can pull this up.

It's crazy, isn't it? I don't fully understand how lightspeed works but if it's in any way the sci-fi's depict it as, there's probably no way we can get to other stars without accepting the fact whoever is leaving to "colonize" will forever leave Earth (because of speed relativity, time on Earth would pass about thousands of years by the time you reach the nearest solar system.)

It's just like that Halo 3 commercial. You ever wonder what's out there? And how can something so natural be so... I guess the best word for it would be mesmerizing. It would be kind of "arrogant" to assume we're the only life form out here. Hell, even the Vatican is funding research to see whether or not the biblical God for Christians are actually aliens. Kinda makes sense when reading some Bible passages that try to depict what God looks like. Ever read/watch book/documentary called Chariots of the Gods? I don't believe in it but it sounds like the most reasonable explanation for God and aliens. No disrespect meant to any religious people out there.
There's a lot of speculation of how aliens or extra-terrestials could actually be extra-dimensional entities, meaning they can travel across the different dimensions of the universe. AKA we might not even see them and they can be standing right next to us. This doesn't sound too far-fetched if you take into consideration other life forms outside our solar system is completely different from our humanoid, defined form of being. This is probably the ganja/alcohol talking but still a cool concept to consider. I'm just worried other life forms outside our solar system could be far more violent than we are and more warmongering than anything we ever known.

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