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3 things favoring Silva tonight

1) Silva had a much easier cut.
Chael had to lose 20 lbs. yesterday he was saying. That gives the impression he may not be as quick. Anderson weighed in at 184. He's definitely ready.

2) Silva is injury free.
It's widely corroborated that Anderson has a very soar rib and his doctor advised him not to fight. I don't buy the broken rib part, but several of his trainers urged him not to fight. I think it's safe to say, that made a difference.

3) Silva's recent performances show him to be in top form.
Previous fights show Anderson on a upswing in performance, while Chael struggled in his last bout.

Not saying it's a sure thing, but Chael may have dropped the ball on his training. Now he is no stranger to cutting, but I'm not sure he's been this big before. The may be a result of him working the slow twitch wrestling muscles, but I think he would have rather come in lighter and quicker.

As far as the rib issue, let's face it, if the rib was really that bad, there's no way he would have fought. But it is conceivable that the injury slowed him down a bit.

And as far as Bisbing goes, I frankly think he a very good fighter, and no slouch. Style wise, he's a terrible matchup for Sonnen, with great escape skills and TDD. He's also a very good striker against certain styles. ANd I do think Bisbing would give Silva a very good fight, certainly better than his last two opponents.

Bottom line, though, the stars seem to be aligned for Silva.
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