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The reason this fight is so fascinating, contrary to popular belief, has nothing to do with the trash talk, or the apparent hate between these two.

It's simply because this fight only ends in two fashions and we all know it. Anderson Silva is the most decorated champion if UFC history, PERIOD. I don't care if you love or hate the guy, that is a fact. However he is going into a fight that he HAS TO WIN.

What I mean that is incredibly simple. Chael has to survive for 25 minutes, that's a fact. If it comes down to the judges, the way they favor top position and wrestling styling, Chael wins this fight 100% of the time! However Anderson is one of the best finishing in MMA history, and he can finish Chael in about a 100 different ways.

And so, we have a coin toss of a fight. If it ends before 25 minutes, Anderson retains. If it goes the distance, Chael is the new champ. I honestly cannot see another outcome.
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