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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
lol your butthurt reaction tells me just how much you "don't like chael". rats are already abandoning the sinking ship i see.

And seems you can't read either. I only called it a love tap because sonnen insists andersons strikes are... "anderson absolutely sucks", and "anderson cannot beat anyone good", and "anderson's strikes are weak", and "I'll beat him in a boxing match too" and so on.
LOL, by the way you are responding I can tell you are trying to stir shit up with the Sonnen fans, I think its hilarious.

I dont follow every word they say pre-fight, so i didn't know he was quoted as saying andersons strikes were love taps. I watched the fight and seen him go down to a devistating shot and seen someone call it a love tap so i called them out on it. Sorry if you assumed anything beyond that but you are wrong.
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