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Originally Posted by M.C View Post

On a side note, there are rumors that FF13-3 is coming out. Yes... a third in a series of FF13, their worst FF game that isn't an MMO, gets 3 parts. Oh, and FF7 is being ported to PC... again.

Square sucks balls.
I really don't understand people's fascination with remaking FF 7. Remakes almost always suck balls. What Square needs to do is give this series a swift kick in the ass. Hire new writers that has the ability to create a story and characters with a little more depth then what we were getting in the past. Also try to create a battle system that doesn't make combat way too easy like 13 did. Maybe even create new monsters instead of having us fight flanges, tomberry's, and those razor tooth tigers repeatedly.

You forget that this isn't just some brutal sport where everyones out to kill each other. Its much more like a game of physical chess.-looney liam
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