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Anderson once again got helped in the Cage by the UFC

I will bring my first piece of evidence that the UFC is rigging Anderon Silva's fights out of the evidence locker.

For anyone who may remember his fight with Okami.

Exhibit A.

Now from last nights fight.

Exhibt B.

Look at this gif.

It is blatantly obvious to anyone with a brian that the UFC installed extra springy fences for last nights fight. They did this so that Anderson could easily use the force of Chael's powerful punches against him. Observe the gif again.

It is clear that Chael's strike bounces back of the near elastic fence and returns more of the power from the shot back into his own face. There by rocking him and allowing Anderson an easy path to victory.

This is concrete proof the UFC is rigging fights in favor of Anderson Silva. They negated Shales best advantage on the feet by telling Anderson to stand close to the fence so that Anderson's lack of ability to hurt Shale would not come into play and Shale would hurt himself with a punch bouncing back off the fence.

The sooner all of you wake up the what the UFC is doing the better. We need to put a stop to this tyranny.

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