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Mon 7-09: Slept through BJJ (My Sundays tend to be long and somewhat draining) and had to do dumb errands, some of which I didn't even get to because of lame long line at post office, and didn't get the cardio I usually fit in between shifts on Mondays. LAME LAME LAME.
Tue: MT was a good mix of cardio and technique, ending with drilling the 15 count back and forth except with both partners wearing gloves rather than one with thai pads and one with gloves. That was great. My teacher is back from NW Thai camp and I'm sure will put the hurt on us on Thur.
Wed: AM BJJ was a couple of sweeps, one armbar and a ton of live rolling. It was great b/c I had one of my girl partners, who is extremely strong. Her BF is teaching her, but not much, because he prob. likes punking on her, so we were drilling americana, kimura, and kimura sweep, also a mount escape and a back escape.
Thur: Missed first 1/2 hour of MT due to work scheduling me one Tue or Thur each week till 6:15. It was bag and pad work and shadowboxing drills. TBH I have never had an instructor leave class for two weeks and I know a few people got fed up and are giving it a break for awhile. I'm not one of them, though.
Fri: Open mat. Hit the bag a little, rolled a little, didn't work as much as I would have liked. It blows that this gym is too small for and doesn't have any cardio equipment.
Sat: rested
Sun: rested. Just the tiniest bit tired because I had a few drinks and ran around doing laundry until 2:00 AM.

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