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Originally Posted by K R Y View Post
Why? I played Guild Wars for 5 years (have a 6 year account, but haven't played in ages) and managed to have a social life, get through college, spend time with family etc. It's all about keeping things in perspective. MMO's can become seriously addictive to people, but if you put the important stuff first then there's no real problem.

I much prefer RPG's and MMO's (well...Guild Wars) to other games. More kids today are getting addicted to FPS's anyways.
This. I have played WoW for years and it has never affected my personal life. People just need to realize that it is just a game.

Originally Posted by Rauno View Post
So far i've gotten into MMO's very fast and got addicted, somehow always lost the interest as fast i started.
I have some friends like this and it is usually because they get to the end game and they don't know what to do. For example in WoW, there is so much to do at the end that they didn't know where to start and got somewhat overwhelmed and just quit.

Originally Posted by osmium View Post
I tend to lose interest in them fast if several people I know aren't playing with me. Most gamers are assholes who cry nonstop and an MMO forces you to interact with them.
This is true as well. Obviously some games and servers are better than others, but you run into a lot of people that take the game way too seriously and will just run their mouths about how bad people are or they will whine a lot. Best thing to do is to get into a guild or just play with people you know or have played with before.
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