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Originally Posted by Mr. Sparkle View Post
Broke Silva in the first round...hmm. Silva seemed pretty calm to me and looked to be focusing on his breathing and just riding out the first round. When the round ended he got up and ran to his corner. Didn't see a hint of a broken man.

Nice to hear the other comments though.
If I remember correctly he actually stumbled to the wrong corner.

Originally Posted by AmdM View Post
At best that 1st round is a display on how to use effective bjj to cancel adversary top position, another kind of display of Silva's greatness and well rounded game.
Chael had nothing to offer in the 1st except for the 1st 10 seconds.
If he really said that, he's just being looney (again).
Yea that was a real even round...

Silva landed ZERO strikes, attempting just two.

Sonnen landed 76-of-86 strikes (14-of-21 significant strikes), scored one takedown and improved position on the ground twice.

Im not going to argue Sonnen did any significant damage in the first round (because he didnt) but all this Silva nuthugging is getting ridiculous. He gets mounted and doesnt land a single punch for the entire round and thats another "display of Silva's greatness and well rounded game"?????
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