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Originally Posted by beardsleybob View Post
I feel he underestimated Silva's mental strength. Probably thought he broke his will, but he did the same thing for 4 rounds collectively in their last fight. Somehow that didnt break him, but this first round did?
Exactly what I was thinking.

How in the world did he break him this time? He did hardly nothing on top for a whole round. He should have known that ANdy is unbreakable after giving him his best for 4.5 rounds only for Silva to be UNBROKE and get the finish.

As for the other stuff? Yea, Sonnen isn't that bad of a guy. But I don't really care. I know he was selling the fight...if you say the things he said you have to be held accountable. Can't just say things for 3 years and not be looked at differently. Sort of sad that he had to go to such extremes in order to sell his fights. It isn't the WWE. If you are going to bash a guy for 3 years you have become the asshole if you really meant it or not.

Not every MMA watcher sees every interview. 80% of them only know him by what was hyped. At some point you become what you say you are even if it was a phony persona.

Personally I never cared for Sonnen's trash talk. He made me laugh a few times but I'd rather see real or at least semi-real hype and bad blood. When guys like Penn, Tito in the day, Rampage, even Mir/Lesnar talk shit or are angry it gets me a lot more hyped than a 99% fake personality. If I got that excited over fake stuff I would just watch WWE instead.
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