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I'd totally rather fight someone who's using a bat than someone using a blade. I feel like I could either stay out of range and close the distance when I saw the guy start to swing the bat.

Against a knife the only way I would feel safe whatsoever is with a gun. A knife is just freaky and the idea of being 'gutted' is a little too distracting to me.

Also, I always sucked at swinging a bat.. while I think any idiot (especially one with combat sports experience) could stab someone.

NO experience with any weapons whatsoever, and I hope it stays that way. Fun thread though!


As I think about it, I think if I were a big guy, like 250+lbs, I might go with the bat.. that could be fun. As a 150-160lbs guy the bat might be too ambitious of a choice is all.

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