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Originally Posted by SpoKen View Post
The only thing I took away from the fight is that Anderson is a dirty as hell fighter. Seriously, after that first round he took every opportunity he could to cheat. Anderson didn't care if that knee hit his opponents face, it just managed to not hit his face.

You could tell Rashad meant to throw the knee to the gut that finished Tito, but Andy literally flew into it, and you can't be 100% accurate when you fly through the air with a knee to a grounded opponent.

Good article, Chael Sonnen is so freakin manly, I hope you guys are taking note.
Seriously? The most accurate striker in mma only landed it legally because of chance? It landed exactly where he meant it to. Why don't you take note of Sonnen's actions here and just admit that the knee was legal. This bs claim of him being a dirty fighter is just ******* stupid.

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