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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
Where is YOUR source that mentions that Chael gets tested every two weeks? Without any proof to the contrary, the default practice by the commission is no random testing, so the burden of proof lies on you to prove otherwise.

Oh I see, Chael himself is your source, how reliable. The same guy who claims he's never lost.

Even if he does get tested every two weeks, it's meaningless to have your pet quack do the testing, as far as I know the commission isn't doing any random testing on him in between fights. Prove me wrong, post your source that THE COMMISSION is testing him between fights or during camp. He got tested right before the fight, but that is also fairly meaningless and doesn't catch him cycling between fights.

As far as the rules go it is not a loophole what anderson did either. The RULES state that a fighter can be warned for shorts grabbing, or there MAY be a point deduction for repeated offenses which didn't happen. That's it. The same way the rules state that Chael MAY be random tested for licensing but he wasn't.

But situations were handled by the same set of rules by the same people who decide how to apply them. BOTH sets of rules are lax.

And if you really believe chael's sob story of actually never going through puberty and having the hormone levels of gina carano, all while packing on muscle and smashing NCAA caliber wrestlers, I have a bridge to sell you in Manhattan.
Go read my post again. I added some stuff for you because your response is too predictable.
And even if Chael WAS the only source. Thats still better then your source which is NO source. Your basing EVERYTHING because of his last fight with Anderson. Its complete nonsense.

And BTW. If your claiming a man never gets tested then its on YOU to proof he doesn't. Not the other way around. Not every single time a person goes and gets tested will it be on the internet. Plus the NSAC said they will test him several times before the fight and after it in the hearing.

Chael didnt Cheat this fight and thats fact. Without any evidence against him you cant claim other wise.

Go take it up with the NSAC if you got a problem. Dont accuse Chael of cheating while following the rules.

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