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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
Go read my post again. I added some stuff for you because your response is too predictable.
And even if Chael WAS the only source. Thats still better then your source which is NO source. Your basing EVERYTHING because of his last fight with Anderson. Its complete nonsense.

And BTW. If your claiming a man never gets tested then its on YOU to proof he doesn't. Not the other way around. Not every single time a person goes and gets tested will it be on the internet. Plus the NSAC said they will test him several times before the fight and after it in the hearing.

Chael didnt Cheat this fight and thats fact. Without any evidence against him you cant claim other wise.

Go take it up with the NSAC if you got a problem. Dont accuse Chael of cheating while following the rules.
What about the fact that Sonnens doctor said in an interview after the last fight that Sonnen wasn't under normal teststeron levels, just slightly in the lower parts of normal.

Also the fact that anyone can hire a doctor to say that they need TRT as we have seen lately in the sport. As soon as your testo ratio is screwed up, youre on TRT because you have hypogonadism. Buffed guys in their 30s. It's a loophole, thinkin anything else would be naive.
As if Overeem and Nate Marquart need TRT. Same with Sonnen.

I do have a question though. If your testosterone is extremely high from abusing the testosterone injections. How long does it take to go back to normal??? Is it the same time-frame as roids?
I totally depends what roids or form of TRT you are using. AAS are bound by esters that control how fast the substances are released in your body, there is everything from 1 day to several months. These things can be extremely tailor made. When it comes to TRT (standard pharmacy legal stuff) if you use injectables, the testosteron is usually bound to a very slow ester such as undecanoate ester, so it would be detectable a long time after, but trust me, all these things can be manipulated & can be obtained in other formats both legally and black market. And the cream/patch form of TRT is short-acting and needs to be applied more often.

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