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Originally Posted by mmaswe82 View Post
What about the fact that Sonnens doctor said in an interview after the last fight that Sonnen wasn't under normal teststeron levels, just slightly in the lower parts of normal.

Also the fact that anyone can hire a doctor to say that they need TRT as we have seen lately in the sport. As soon as your testo ratio is screwed up, youre on TRT because you have hypogonadism. Buffed guys in their 30s. It's a loophole, thinkin anything else would be naive.
As if Overeem and Nate Marquart need TRT. Same with Sonnen.
What about it???

And do you have any proof of Chael hiring a doctor to say that for him??

If you want to claim that Chael is cheating this fight then you have to PROVE that. So far Chael is passing all the tests and is doing everything within the rules of the NSAC. So strictly speaking in this fight he is NOT cheating.

Now if he fails a test in the near future thats another thing. That would mean he cheated in this fight too.

Now Anyway. Quit distracting me! I need to sleep ) :
But if i see a post and dont respond its like an itch i cant scratch haha.
Soo good night im shutting this comp off before i see something else XD

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