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MW becoming the new grapple heavy division?

We use to talk about how WW was so jammed packed with wrestlers but in the last 2 years, MW has really came to rival it in terms of being the most grapple heavy division.

In these last 2 years, despite popular assumption, MW has had many stars start to emerge.

Phalares - One of the best grapplers on the ground. Everyone thought if he got the fight there, it was over, and the only way to beat him would be standing.

Belcher - Put on a clinic against phalares on the mat and showed exactly how high level his grappling was.

Munoz - Took maia down, escaped submissions, and kept control.

Sonnen - One of the best mma wrestlers the sport has to offer.

Okami - Out grappled munoz in their match, really showed how technical his grappling has become since training with sonnen.

Boestch - Once a 205er, drops to MW and ends up beating Okami. Though he won standing, he is still a great wrestler.

Weidman - Though he looked drained and gassed vs okami, his match with munoz will bring alot to light.

Sheilds - Moved back up to his natural weight class, will be interesting to see how he performs.

Evans - Said he's looking to move down. Alot of interesting matches for him.

What do you guys think?

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