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Everyone that is moaning that Sonnen went to far and talked too much trash must have missed the newsflash.........Hello!...Silva would not take the fight. Even when Sonnen and Dana went to Brazil for the press conference...Silva had not taken the fight yet. It was a tactic by Dana and Sonnen to force Silva to take the fight. He insulted Brazil knowing that the Brazilians would help fuel the fire and for Andy to take the fight. It worked. What surprised me was...Andy really thought he might lose this fight. Did you see how emotional Andy and his guys were, and Silva's kids came into the octagon and everyone crying and emotional. Andy actually knew that he just might lose that belt. It was a enormous relief when the fight was over. Never seen anything like that in any of Andys fights.
I didnt think Andy broke either. Sonnen didnt really land anything hard. He got the full mount and didnt posture up and finish the fight. Even my wife was yelling at the tv because sonnen got the full mount and didnt do anything with it. that is all
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