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Originally Posted by eternal8pcurr View Post
I've trained Muay Thai in Thailand and I heard they kick banana trees and roll sticks on their shins, but really I just saw them kicking really hard pads. This training everyday will strengthen your muscles and everything around them.
Tough shins and strong calves are vital for Muay Thai, one bad 'clank' of shins can put you out for a week or so.
Yeah guess pads are the "economically beneficial" way of doing it...cheaper than having to plant new trees all the time (not to mention faster) ;P And for the rolling stuff over your shin's...i think "kicking stuff" is more effective since it not only toughens your shins but also trains your kicking power/accuracy/technique/speed...2 birds + 1 stone = dinner

Kicking car tires (the outer mantle) works quite nice aswell...just watch out that the tread pattern isn't to deep or the tire to hard.

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