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Originally Posted by StandThemUp View Post
Silva was broken after the first round!!!!!! ?????????

You have to be kidding me. He didn't get hit, didn't get elbowed, didn't get pounded. There was no Ground and Pound by Sonnen. Just a whole lot of Ground.
I think too much credit is being given to these wrestlers for being on top and doing nothing.
It's supposed to be Ground and Pound ie: Vintage Tito. But these modern wrestlers are happy with abandoning the Pound and just doing Ground. Someone needs to tell MMA Judges that laying on top of someone is not a legitimate fighting style. It's more of a Kama Sutra Style.

So yeah, if Silva was broken, it was only because he was incredibly uncomfortable having another Man force himself to lay on top of him and do nothing other than push his crotch into Silvas.

Honestly, that would break me too. That would break me into tears, much like the "Crying Game".

If you aren't willing to fight, get out of the cage. Make no mistake, I have no problem with active ground games, like Guida and plenty of others. But I am sick and tired of collegiate style wrestlers that have this perfect balance of Skill and Non-Skill. Where they are just skilled enough to hold you down, but not skilled enough to do anything about it. So they hold you down and throw weak non fight ending rabbit punches to score points. Yippee!

To be honest, I am not as upset with them, as I am with the Judges that reward it and the Refs that don't stand them back up when clearly, there is nothing going on and they are at a "Fighting" Stale mate.
Truth be told! Nice post.

Originally Posted by BrutalKO View Post
...Silva looked great off of his back this time. He maintained excellent wrist control and kept Sonnen stuck in his halfguard almost the entire round. When Chael mounted him, he still couldn't land anything but a few punches. Outstanding ground defense by Anderson. He rode out the 1st rd. storm. One thing is certain and without question, Sonnen got in Silva's head bigtime, taking him out of his game and not giving him a chance to get off. If anyone breaks, they can tap. Anderson has some incredible heart. No more proving that...
Yep he had good wrist control preventing Chael from landing any significant shots. Chael threw a couple of good shots, an elbow near the back of the head, and one BIG cross that Anderson dodged. Other than that Anderson wasn't in danger til possibily in the end when Chael mounted. Anderson is a tactician and master strategist.

Originally Posted by Zafersan View Post
Lol. Reminds me of street fighter 4. I'll play against dude who beat me in the first round and they got it int the bag. Then I'll come back in the second with a plan to destroy n kill.
Excellent analogy. Everybody always cries when they lose and say "that was luck or in this case you cheated...wahh...wahhh."

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