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Originally Posted by amoosenamedhank View Post
I don't really have a huge interest in this fight as their size and age gap is a little too much for my liking.

It sorta feeds the skill vs athleticism questions but I'm not really interested in either of this fighters dropping their first loss (for Silva in the UFC) on a fan fight. It sort of takes away some of their mystic in their own divisions.

Anderson has everything to lose and really not a lot to gain. I believe Jones has more to gain and less to lose but really not worth it IMO.
I really hate when people dismiss Jon Jones' skills like that (Or overlook Silva's own athleticism, which is ahead of most in the UFC IMO.)

Obviously the man is not on Silva's level as a striker, but he is elite, and he's better at it every time he enters the cage. He's already shown an ability to figure his opponents out during the fight which is pretty rare, and has in fact been one of the main factors that set Silva apart from all the rest for so long.

And that's just the striking department. Jones is also arguably the best MMA wrestler in the UFC, and one of the best of all time. His top game is devastating, and if that's not enough he also happens to be an outstanding submission grappler.

But for some people he's still just the big jock with the long limbs.
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