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Originally Posted by LOL.DMH View Post
Pretty lol that Silva fans fail to mention Chael has absolutely dominated 28 of the 30 minutes these two have spent in the cage.
Why is it so "LOL"?

No one mentions it, because it's completely irrelevant in the big picture. It's what made the fights good, but has no bearing on the outcome and results.

MMA is no different than most sports. It's not how you start, it's how you finish. Dominating but losing in the end is still losing. Plain and simple.

No one cares if a Race Car Driver leads every lap except the last one.

Chael doing what he did to Silva just means he is a good fighter, but not a great fighter. If he was great, he would have found a way to win, in at least one of the fights, instead, he finds a way, TWICE in a row, to lose.
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