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Originally Posted by SpoKen View Post
If Sonnen won the first fight, he would have been stripped of the title anyways since he got caught for the TRT thing, and he was punished.

Anderson got caught cheating on MORE THAN 1 occasion, and no punishment. I'm more upset at the complete lack of punishment. It sets a bad example for the sport and upcoming fighters.

Had it been two fighters just fighting and someone pulled the crap that Anderson pulled, he probably would have been cut or fined out the ass.
Nah man come on, Kongo has done way worse things than this & as far as I can remember he's never been punished for it.

Also Bisping more or less ended a fight with am illegal knee, then spat on the other guys corner and still got the win, not even a NC, I thought it should have been a DQ. Far as I can remember he was given a small fine for the spitting part, nothing else.

These things that Silva did are nothing compared to things that have gone unpunished in the UFC.

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