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Originally Posted by osmium View Post
You are delusional. He did nothing to get fined or cut for. The vaseline thing isn't viewed as any kind of a big deal no one would even get a point deduction for that. The shoulder strike at the weighins was the only thing he did that would really piss someone off in power.
Him holding the shorts?

Not to mention, all of it combined. Can't look at each individual action, because then, like you said, it's NOT that big of a deal. If he did one of those things, sure, I wouldn't be bothered by it at all.

But he did more than push Chael at the weigh ins, he struck him. Anderson Silva throwing a short range shoulder strike TO THE FACE would hurt like hell. It'd certainly drop me, it'd probably drop you too.

Trying to Vaseline himself and getting caught, eh, whatever to me. He got caught and toweled off. He should be warned to stop doing it since he does it basically every fight.

Holding the shorts for about 20 seconds, stopping a takedown and then landing strikes while still holding the shorts, that's just ugly cheating behavior. No way around that, and that's what really pisses me off the most.

Look at all of these things as a whole, and it's despicable, it's something that will get you labeled a cheater in my book. You don't have to agree with me, but my opinion of him stands. He's a dirty cheater.

And no, I didn't bring up the knee again because, well, it was a legal knee.

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