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Originally Posted by mmaswe82 View Post
Well yea, I wish he hadn't done it either, it was a dirty thing to do, I won't argue with that. I have seen as bad examples of shortsgrabbing as this one but that's not the point, it's not a nice thing to do.

I understand that you as a fan of Sonnen don't like that.

My only point is that it has been blown way out of proportion, maybe because it was such a big fight, I dunno. I just think that Silva has 2 stoppage wins against Sonnen, one where he broke the rules and one where Sonnen broke them (IMO in a much worse way). He's 2 - 0 against Sonnen and in the end all is fair.
He did also stop a few takedowns without grabbing his shorts.
You are a levelheaded Sonnenfan and I respect your opinion, I can see why you would think less of Silva after this fight, I just want the discussion to be done with, as IMO there is really not much to argue about anymore.
Thats true there's not much else to say that hasent already been said.

For me I guess this is more of a big deal for me because 2 reasons. one because of the hype and anticipation involved in this fight just to have it go this way. Two I hold the champ to much higher standards than everyone else on the roster and what's at stake in the fight namely the
belt. Not to mention the fact that he won and receives no punishment for his actions.

I wouldn't say I am a huge fan of Chael. I prefer him to many other fighters but first and foremost I am a rich Franklin fan.

+ rep for discussing a heated subject in a civilized manor without trolling or flaming.

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